Tommie Sunshine on His Metalhead Origins and Modern DJ Culture


Tommie Sunshine has built a name for himself as the sort of electronic musician who’s comfortable in a variety of settings. He can close a club down with a DJ set until four in the morning, or he can hang with a crop of young rock bands and give them a remix worth fighting over -- something he’s done a number of times over the years, for artists ranging from Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco to Katy Perry. On the latest episode of The Hivecast With Matt Pinfield, Sunshine and Matt get into their experiences growing up -- and growing older -- while cultivating such diverse tastes.

"I would be sleeping out for Guns N' Roses and Kiss tickets -- I was a metalhead, too,” Sunshine recalls of his time growing up in Chicago. “I was completely steeped in just music, full-stop. I didn't see boundaries. I didn't think it was weird to go see Alice Cooper and Guns N' Roses, and from the show, go to [dance club] Medusa's. That didn't seem strange to me." That sort of omnivorous taste has paid off well for Sunshine throughout the years -- check out the Hivecast to learn about his early experiences seeing Nirvana, the young artists he’s working with now, and the DJ sets he still does. [Download & subscribe to the Hivecast via iTunes.]

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