YC the Cynic Lashes Out on "Hallelujah"

[caption id="attachment_69770" align="alignnone" width="600"]Artwork by Ivan Merlin Artwork by Ivan Merlin[/caption]

On Yc the Cynic's forthcoming album GNK, the New York City-based MC set out to make something in tune with his generation, both in the real world and the digital world. "I went through a time (that I may very well still be in) where I didn't know what was real and what wasn't, what is fiction and nonfiction, what's important and what's not, what words we should and shouldn't use, how people view us and how we should view ourselves, what we should believe in," he says. "Then I speak to my peers, and they didn't know either."

Such a sentiment shines brightly on his new DJ Illanoiz-produced track "Hallelujah," a dark track the highlights Yc's smooth flow and wit right from the start. And although this particular cut won't appear on GNK, it's still an indication of where Yc's at these days, lyrically and sonically. "It shows the youth lashing out," he says. "Being insensitive and closed to things like religion, the N-word, etc. Basically anything that happened before this very moment. I know so many people like that. This is exactly who I am today: musically, visually, as a person. It's directly in line with the album, even though it's not on it. This is the sort of thing you can expect."

GNK arrives this summer. Stream and download "Hallelujah" below: