Five BandPage Experiences We're Willing to Try

[caption id="attachment_69075" align="alignnone" width="640"]Free Energy, a band you can bowl with. Photo: Anouck Bertin Free Energy, a band you can bowl with. Photo: Anouck Bertin[/caption]

BandPage rolled out Experiences this week, a feature that lets bands put a one-of-a-kind memory, or experience, up for sale. Put bluntly, it's a clever way for bands to make money. In press release speak, it's an extension of what BandPage has been doing all along since it launched three years ago: connecting fans with artists by rolling their social media networks into one accessible platform.

Up until now, the idea of meeting a band in person, or sharing an experience with them, was relegated to the world of fanclubs, said James "J" Sider, BandPage's CEO. "Until today, there hadn't been a platform that enabled any musician to offer these types of experiences to their fans."

But now the company is taking that connection offline, giving bands a new place to flaunt their creativity. We checked the site to pick out the most exciting experiences, or ones we'd be willing to try. We can't promise it'll help you keep a band clothed and fed, but it's not a bad place to start.

1. Get Stars to Record Any Song You Want 

Sure, you might have to skip paying a couple utility bills to cover it, but for $200, we promise you'll be thrilled to hear the Canadian indie-poppers do an acoustic rendition of any damn song you want. Fair warning: You can't use the song for commercial purposes and the band must approve your song beforehand.

2. Go bowling in Philly with Free Energy

For $50, you can sit in on a few Free Energy rehearsals and hopefully take home a souvenir from the studio, then "walk on over to the local bowling alley, North Bowl," where you'll play a couple rounds with the band. Not a bad deal for a Sunday afternoon out.

3. Skype for 30 minutes With Ozzy Osbourne's Guitarist

 Zack Wylde is one of the baddest shredders out there, and for $2,500, he'll spend 30 minutes teaching you guitar over Skype. As an added incentive, he'll throw in a black leather vest. And for that kinda cash, you better hope your connection doesn't go down.

4. Let The Stone Foxes Soundtrack Your Life

For an hour and $250, they'll be at your side, soundtracking your life, no matter what you happen to be doing. Folding laundry never sounded so jangly.

5. Mum Will Turn Ambient Noise Into Sounds of Music

Whether you like whistling or blowing bubbles, Mum will be there to turn to your sounds into beautiful music for a mere $1,500.