Watch Earl Sweatshirt Chill at a Trailer Park in "Whoa" Video

Ever wondered what the aftermath to an Odd Future party looks like? Helpfully, Earl Sweatshirt has used the scenario for the video to his latest song, "Whoa." Opening in some sort of dilapidated trailer park setting with leftover food scattered around, Earl wakes up in plaid boxer shorts and socks next to an older ballerina lady, gives his gnashers a quick brush with some water, grabs a half-finished cigarette and then proceeds to kick his raps in a style he characterizes as "the misadventures of a shit talker." Tyler, the Creator guest stars in the flick (which he also directed) and for his part boasts about how he "make a quarter million off of socks." You'd think he'd be able to kick some of that to Earl for a housekeeper.