ShowYouSuck Explores the Dark Side of Relationships in "Dead Flowers" Video

In Chicago MC ShowYouSuck's new video for "Dead Flowers," there's a few things you'll notice up front: a nice enough kitchen, some delicious looking bacon, and a woman who may or may not be evil. Turns out, it's the latter. "I wouldn't call it a love song per say," ShowYouSuck says. "It's more a song about human interaction. It's about how one more can put so much more work into a union than the other party involved. The chorus of the song is my commentary on how love can be a really unhealthy thing for certain people." Our takeaway? Your partner can be much more dangerous to your health than that extra slab of bacon.

ShowYouSuck's latest mixtape, One Man Pizza Party 3: Rest in Pizza, is out now. You can stream it and download it here