Macklemore Plays SXSWal-Mart

Next week, thousands of musicians, journalists and industry types will descend on SXSW to enjoy a week of free beers, free tacos and free concerts. While in Austin, it's hard to ignore who is footing the bill. As this music, technology and film festival has grown since its inception in 1987, corporate sponsors have been piling in to score cool points with influential consumers. (Jim James is headlining out own "Live in Austin" showcase Tuesday, March 12th.) This year we've found some comic relief in the whole thing by following @sxswpartzzzzz, a tongue-in-cheek parody account that pokes fun at the often ridiculous special guests and sponsors that make SXSW was it is today. Plus, nobody can resist a good Macklemore joke, especially Hive illustrator Dustin Glick: