Riff Raff Is Very Upset With James Franco

[caption id="attachment_68066" align="alignnone" width="640"] Riff Raff attends the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, February 2013. Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage[/caption]

It seems that all is not exactly peaches and cream in the world of Spring Breakers, the James Franco-starring and Harmony Korine-directed movie that will hit cinema screens this March. It's been assumed that Alien, the character Franco plays in the movie, is based on Riff Raff, the flamboyant rapper signed to Diplo's Mad Decent record label. There's certainly an uncanny resemblance between the two. But in a recent MTV story penned by Franco himself, he claims that the inspiration is actually a Floridian rapper named Dangeruss (who also appears on the soundtrack) -- a move which has irked Riff to the point where yesterday he emailed out a missive titled "Why Is Franco Lying?"

Riff Raff's email lists five similarities between himself and Franco's character (namely: braids, colored beads, grill, rings and colorful clothes) and says, "The storyline ain't mine but no one on Earth can deny that James Franco's image and appearance characteristics are Riff Raff all day."

Hive hollered at Riff Raff to flesh out his side of the story. Asked why he thought Franco had decided to deny that his character is based on Riff Raff, the rapper said, "Even the Florida rapper [Dangeruss] says that Franco isn't dressed like him in the movie. All I want is credit for his image and I'm confused why a superstar actor with millions of dollars would steal and deny credit from a new upcoming rapper like myself who hasn't even dropped an album yet. What a fuckin' asshole -- I would never do any bullshit like that if I was in his position." Then in signature Riff Raff patter he added, "Diamonds glisten … wood wheel twistin' with the Versace optical vision."

Part of Riff Raff's original email claims that the movie's director, Harmony Korine, showed James Franco videos of Riff Raff to study up on his style. ("Why won't he say that Harmony sent him videos of Riff Raff and that's where he got my style?") When we asked the Raffster if he knew which specific videos they were, he said, "I don't know, those are questions that you would have to ask James Franco and his stylist crew who said James Franco had a trailer full of my pictures."

But what would Riff Raff like to say to James Franco if he were to meet him in person any time soon?

"I would say, "Hi, Riff Raff."" Ouch!

Baffled by all of this? Watch the Spring Breakers trailer below and decide for yourself: