Patti Smith Gushes Over 'Hunger Games' in Portland - Photos

Patti Smith kicked off her tour last night in Portland at the Crystal Ballroom, and if you forgot for two seconds how cool she is, there were plenty of reminders last night. For one -- she did a cover of Neil Young's "It's a Dream" after talking about her recent tour with Young and Crazy Horse. According to Hive photographer Chona Kasinger, Smith told the audience, "Yeah, I'm awesome too, but [Neil Young and Crazy Horse] are really awesome." Later she mentioned that she was in Korea with My Bloody Valentine earlier this month, and that the band gifted her with a copy of their new record, m b v, before anyone else got one: "I was the first fucking person in the world who had a hard copy of the new My Bloody Valentine." Of course Smith is human, so she also gushed about her love of the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence and The Hunger Games between songs. Check out photos of Smith, as well as openers Saint Maybe, below:

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