Mount Moriah Are an Alt-Country Godsend

Mount Moriah. Photo: Andrew Synowiez

On “Bright Light,” the second song on Mount Moriah’s new album Miracle Temple, singer/guitarist Heather McEntire sings, “If darkness has you only bringing bruises into light,” and when she hits the word bruises, her voice quivers, as if she’s making a grand leap from her soul into admitting something she’s long repressed. It’s a gut-punch of a delivery that originated from an experimental therapy session she’d been through called EMDR, where a therapist flashes a bright light in your eyes. “Somehow it’s suppose to be this distracting force that allows you to unpack,” she tells Hive from Chapel Hill, N.C. “I wrote the song after my first session. I pulled over in the Subway parking lot and wrote lyrics to the song. I feel like, for myself, there is confrontation and a curiosity, forgiveness.” She delivers the song in a soft voice and lined with Southern charm, where you’d be immediately comfortable asking her to borrow a cup of sugar. So it’s jolting to hear that experimental therapy was the impetus for this gorgeous song. But this is Mount Moriah’s gig: Masking the past in beauty, with a desire to move on.

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