Glow Marrow Take a Power Walk on "Bear Creek" -- Premiere

If the winter blues got you down, then a viewing of Glow Marrow's new video "Bear Creek" might be in order. The clip tracks the Los Angeles synthwave duo as they take a walk on a blissfully sunny day, stopping only to try on trucker hats in a 7-Eleven, wait for the bus or sing their hearts out. "A lot of it was footage of our apartment studio where we recorded our EP Braver Days," Derek Coburn explained over email. Added bandmate Darin Green: "Derek actually talked the local thrift store into lending us a wheelchair for our friend to sit in while she filmed so the camera would be less shaky." The longtime friends also wandered around North Hollywood, where they stumbled on a group of dancers rocking out to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy." "There are a ton of dance studios in our area, so we weren't surprised to see them," said Coburn. This spring, the band will head back indoors as they prepare their full-length LP and a national tour. For his part, Coburn said he's fine with missing California sun: "We've made an effort to limit the amount of beachy, tropical, SoCal-infused stuff going on in our songs," he said, especially since "...we're trying to move into more diverse territory." So much for that bedroom-producer label.

Watch the video for "Bear Creek" below, then stream the Braver Days EP on SoundCloud: