Andrew W.K. Talks Bahrain, Bloody Noses and More With Matt Pinfield

Andrew W.K. is many things: a party icon, rock star, television host, and downright fantastic extemporaneous speaker. He brings all of those, but especially the last one, to the latest episode of The Hivecast With Matt Pinfield, where he and Matt spend nearly an hour talking about the impressive highs and educational lows of his life. The highs, of course, are glorious: Hosting Destroy Build Destroy on the Cartoon Network, posing for the cover of I Get Wet with actual blood pouring from his nose, and speaking as a featured guest of the Bronies at a recent My Little Pony Convention. These experiences mitigate one incident that brought a single manly tear to Andrew W.K.'s eye: Late last year, his appointment by the State Department as a cultural attaché to Bahrain was abruptly and unceremoniously canceled.

“They were trying to embrace sort of unusual U.S. American cultural people,” he says. "We had bought the plane tickets, we had the hotel booked, we were talking to our representative at the U.S. State Department in Bahrain -- someone saw a picture of me with a bloody nose. I wish they had thought it a little bit more through. They canceled the trip. I remember a tear welled up. A tear welled up in my eye. I didn't let it drop. I sucked it back up. I called my dad. My dad said, ‘Andrew, they judged a book by its cover.’” They saw a long-haired guy with a dirty white outfit and a very bad bloody nose.” Blood isn’t the only fluid that leaks from Andrew W.K.’s face, it seems -- but his ability to make a party out of any situation means that he's still got a lot more blood and sweat than tears. [Download & subscribe to the Hivecast via iTunes.]

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