Watch the Virgins' Throwback Video for "Flashbacks, Memories, and Dreams"

It may have been five years since the Virgins released their self-titled debut, but with the forthcoming release of Strike Gently, the New York City natives evoke that familiar cheeky post-punk sound, especially in their new throwback video for “Flashbacks, Memories, and Dreams.”  As the title suggests, the video is infused with flashbacks, memories and dreams (or nightmares rather) and even a special cameo by former MTV VJ Jesse Camp. "We shot the video ourselves and I think we might have spent $50 on it," Donald Cumming tells Hive. "It really reflects my aesthetic and it was a great experience to just do exactly what we wanted to do and not have to filter it though a video commissioner." But why Jesse Camp, might you ask? "I met Jesse at a party a couple years back and he's just the sweetest guy," Cumming recalls. "I remember voting for him when he was in the VJ competition and I was really crushed when he left MTV." Consider this the first piece of Jesse Camp nostalgia.

Strike Gently is out March 12 on Cult Records.

While the video does provide some entertainment with its SoCal groovy vibe and brief nudity, it’s Camp’s remark at the end that makes it worth sticking around for.


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