Five Reasons You Should Love Beach Fossils

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This week, Beach Fossils, the musical project of Dustin Payseur, will release their sophomore album, Clash the Truth. The Brooklyn-based band has been packing loft spaces and thrilling the vinyl-buying set since the 2010 release of their self-titled album, and while plenty of bands that were big (and from Brooklyn) around that time have slid into obscurity, Beach Fossils won’t be one of them. And it’s not just the (rather excellent) new album that makes the band worth loving. Here's five reasons you should unearth Beach Fossils. 

1. They Know How to Write Catchy Smart-Guy Pop 

Take a listen to “Careless,” (below) the first single off of Clash The Truth. What you’re hearing is a catchy, well-crafted bit of smart-guy pop that could very well be the sound of the coming months.

2. They Support Vitamin C Consumption

Even though 2012’s stunning video for “Adversity” (below) was produced by Urban Outfitters, the clip packs punch. Directed by Ian Perlman, the four-minute video crams in plenty of dreamy imagery, performance footage and slightly off-kilter film school stuff -- what’s with the oranges, dudes? -- to keep us interested and inclined to tune in to whatever visuals the band releases next.

3They Can Cover Nirvana in a New and Interesting Way

Whether it’s teaming up with Captured Tracks label mate Mac DeMarco to do an instrumental version of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are,” or joining fans for a post-show karaoke version of “My Generation” in Singapore, Beach Fossils obviously has excellent taste in tracks to cover and isn’t afraid to show it. That can come in useful considering the band’s known to take requests from their audience -- just be warned, when they offer to play “Vacation,” it’s their song, not the one by the Go-Go’s.

Mac DeMarco & Beach Fossils - Come As You Are from Beach Fossils on Vimeo.

4. Dustin Payseur’s Apartment Is Just So Cute

Indie rockers, they’re just like us! In this video interview the Beach Fossils frontman did, fans can get a peek inside his Brooklyn abode, where his Christmas tree is up long after the holiday, vitamins are displayed as if on a liquor cart from Mad Men and band mates sit silently on the couch smirking and losing themselves in videogames. It’s a charming peek into where Payseur works and plays that manages to make us like him all the more.

5. Beach Fossil Fan Videos Are Even Great

Check out this clip of Beach Fossils' "Desert Sand," where a fan makes use of stop-motion video from the 1934 film Duffy the Mascot. It's funny and kinda creepy and meshes perfectly with the song!

Clash the Truth is out February 19 on Captured Tracks