Five Reasons You Should Love Beach Fossils

Photo: Terri Nguyen

This week, Beach Fossils, the musical project of Dustin Payseur, will release their sophomore album, Clash the Truth. The Brooklyn-based band has been packing loft spaces and thrilling the vinyl-buying set since the 2010 release of their self-titled album, and while plenty of bands that were big (and from Brooklyn) around that time have slid into obscurity, Beach Fossils won’t be one of them. And it’s not just the (rather excellent) new album that makes the band worth loving. Here’s five reasons you should unearth Beach Fossils. 

1. They Know How to Write Catchy Smart-Guy Pop 

Take a listen to “Careless,” (below) the first single off of Clash The Truth. What you’re hearing is a catchy, well-crafted bit of smart-guy pop that could very well be the sound of the coming months.

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