Kastle Mixes '90s R&B on 'Songs 4 Ur BB'

Ah, the Valentine’s Day mix. Since the invention of recorded music, romantic types have stressed and struggled to put together the perfect swooning set for their significant others around Valentine's Day. Here, San Francisco-based producer and DJ Kastle gives it his best shot. “I made this mix for my girlfriend, Joyce Su, who is also the art director for my label Symbols,” he explains to Hive. Kastle's production discography includes a smattering of future bass-tinged R&B remixes, but on Songs 4 Ur BB he sticks with classic radio fodder from the ‘90s and early ‘00s. “I purposely left a track list out for this mix for people to experience a heightened sense of nostalgia,” he adds, “but I will say a few particular favorites of mine in this mix are Ginuwine’s ‘In Those Jeans,’ Aaliyah’s ‘Rock The Boat’ and the TLC Outro." Fans of that saga of R&B music will be hard-pressed to find a Valentines mix better than this.