RDGLDGRN on Why Pharrell Williams and Dave Grohl Wanted to Work With Them

Photo courtesy of RDGLDGRN.

The aesthetic seems simple enough: The three members of Reston, Va.’s RDGLDGRN wear their favorite colors all day, every day. Red, the band’s guitarist, wears red clothing; Gold, the bassist, wears nothing but gold; and Green, the keyboardist and frontman, wears green at all times. From there, it gets a little hazy, though. The band members say they live their lives as colors and want the world to exist as one giant rainbow. Their music is an ambitious mixture of breezy island rhythms, garage rock and go-go — the homegrown sound of nearby Washington, D.C. RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red, Gold, Green) will release its debut EP this month and a full-length album this summer. Hive spoke with the up-and-coming band about its influences, color philosophy, and working with Dave Grohl and Pharrell.

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