Five Reasons You Should Know Samantha Crain

Photo: Jeremy Charles

Short of stature and big on voice, the 4’11” indie-folk singer Samantha Crain has made a name for herself by touring relentlessly since she was still in college and singing engaging songs that highlight her warm singing style. Her forthcoming album, Kid Face, is her most personal to date and songs like the record’s current single, “Never Going Back,” are among her most relatable. With that in mind, here’s five reasons you should know Crain … if you don’t already.

1. She Knows How to Survive on Just Peanut-Butter Crackers

At 26, Crain has been writing music for only about seven or eight years by her estimation. She started playing guitar at 17, but didn’t start writing songs until she was 19. With her path set, she dropped out of college. After that, she says, “I hopped in a 12-passenger Chevy van with a band out of Chicago called Berry and drove around the country. [We] played at coffee shops, played in living rooms, bars, sometimes we played a real show at a venue. We had enough money for a pack of peanut-butter crackers and a cup of coffee and lived like that for a while.” While she’s graduated to more professional venues since then, she still plays the occasional intimate show, like this living room set we found of her playing the song “Ax” from Kid Face.

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