Directing Duo DANIELS Go to the Grammys, Meet Jack White, Eat Tater Tots -- Photos

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert are the best young video directors around. Together as DANIELS the two have helmed beautiful clips for the Shines, BATTLES, Manchester Orchestra, Chromeo and Foster the People. Their video for Foster the People's "Houdini" earned them their first Grammy nomination, so the two put on their best suits, Scheinert called his mom, snuck in their cell phones and hit the red carpet. They lost their category to Rihanna even before they got inside, but had fun anyway, ditching the rest of the pre-tel for sushi then riding out the rest of the show proper with friends from the Prettybird production company. The rest was a blur. Says Kwan: "We went hunting for a taxi, and ended up calling one. While we waited we went to a completely deserted bar down the street, we all did a shot of Patron as our taxi arrived and we headed to Jack White's after party, ate a ton of pizza and tater tots that they were giving out, ran into Jack Black -- who ended up introducing us to Jack White -- started a dance party, then left for the Black Keys party, and danced some more, it was great."

Check out their photo diary for Hive below: