Big Sean's Instagram Guide to Prosperous and Healthy Living

As part of Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music coterie, Detroit rapper Big Sean is contractually obligated to strive for excellence while going about his daily activities -- and it's a challenge that Sean has taken to with glee! While engaging in the essential lifestyle trifecta of shopping, traveling and chowing down on food, Sean makes sure that he surrounds himself with only the very finest things his consumer credit can cover. Now thanks to the wonders of Instagram, let Big Sean show you how to increase your quality of life.

1. A sense of scale will keep you humble

2. Per the caption: "A good sunrise does the body n mind good"

3. Shop well and shop hard

4. A map is mandatory when galavanting around Paris

5. Chipotle is fuel for the body and mind, no matter what continent you're on