With Atoms For Peace, Thom Yorke Becomes Aphex Twin’s Coldplay

Chris Martin once told Newsweek Magazine that he has an unrequited love affair with Thom Yorke, a man who once dismissed Martin’s band Coldplay as lifestyle music. “I’m in love with a lot of things. Some of those things love me back. And some of them don’t — and one of them is Radiohead.”

I am not in a position to say to what extent marrying a movie star, befriending Jay-Z and leading one of the most popular bands in the world can salve the sting of one of your heroes dismissing you, but I am in the position to say that Martin’s clear need to win the respect of Yorke (and to a lesser extent, Jon Pareles) ended up making his band a lot more interesting. You don’t write songs with elliptical titles like “Death And All His Friends” if you don’t have something to prove.

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