Future on his “Passionate” Album, Why Women Love Him and Learning to Play Guitar

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Future was thrust into the hip-hop stratosphere with his debut Pluto last year, where he straddled the line between Atlanta street rapper and woozy, space cadet (oft-assisted with Auto Tune). From “Bitches Love Me” with Lil’ Wayne and Drake, to Ace Hood’s rattler “Bugatti,” Future’s sound is inescapable in music right now. The ubiquitous rapper (who is also rumored to be dating singer Ciara) talked to Hive about what’s coming up in 2013.

“Bitches Love Me" from your F.B.G. (The Movie) mixtape is one of the hottest songs out. Honestly, why do the women love you?

My charisma, my style, my versatility. All the unique things about me, you know what I’m saying. Being so talented. They respect me being an artist and the route I take with songs, the songs that I choose to record. All that plays into it.

You and Drake have a great working vibe. He’s working on his new album. Will you be on it?

Uhh ... You never know what to expect. Right now he’s working on his album, I’m working on my album. I have a few records that he did for me and I want to keep. Whether I’ll be on his album, I’m not so sure yet.

When you collaborate with another artist who’s also working on his album, how do you decide who gets to keep the track?

How the session went and the vibe of the song pretty much decides it. When it comes to Atlanta, that’s my hometown; if I’m booking the studio session, then it’s my session. You never know. However it works out. Whoever takes the record, as long as it’s a hit, a hit don’t care who put it out.

Your sound often straddles rap and R&B. I have a theory that every rapper secretly wants to be an R&B singer. Do you?


Not even a shower singer?

Not. At. All. It’s a way of being creative. Utilizing what I have. Utilizing my gift.

Your upcoming album Future Hendrix is said to be guitar-heavy. Do you play?

I’m taking lessons Right now. Right now. Yep. Yep.

Who are you taking guitar lessons with? Hopefully not from Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar.

Nah. Nah. Nah. We just breezing through. It’s under wraps. It’s low-key, under-the-radar until I get it right.

So how’s the new album coming along? Any surprises?

It’s very diverse. The sound of it is very diverse. It’s just more passionate. It’s a passionate record.

Is that a sign of maybe more passion in your personal life?

Nah. It’s just the way I feel about my love for music. I got this gift where I like to reenact or reminisce about past situations and find a way to put it on the track. There’s people out there who can relate to songs and certain situations that I went through or that I heard about. I’m just trying to give them passionate music that people can feel good about. Substance music you can learn from, grow from.

Speaking of Jimi Hendrix, any thoughts on André 3000 playing him in the upcoming biopic All Is By My Side?

I’m anxious to see how it comes out. How the movie turns out. I can’t wait.

I presume you’re a huge OutKast fan being from Atlanta. What do you think of the new, pseudo OutKast song “Pink Matter?"

Man, I’m in the studio everyday working. I don’t really pay attention to everything that don’t involve me. I really haven’t had much time to pay attention or really listen to it to give my honest opinion.

When you’re recording, do you completely shut off from the outside world, then?

I’m in my zone. I want to be able to create and offer the people something new. We control the ‘Net so we don’t really have to look at it and pay attention to it.

So hypothetically, do you think we’ll ever get another OutKast album?

I’m not so sure. Hopefully. Hopefully. You never know.