A Video History of All the Black Flags

Black Flag’s fifth or so lineup, with Henry Rollins.

Every Wednesday, Douglas Wolk explores the people, places and coincidences that tie disparate musicians together.

California punk rock godfathers Black Flag announced this week that they’re reuniting for a new album and tour, with a lineup of singer Ron Reyes, guitarist Greg Ginn, bassist “Dale Nixon” and drummer Gregory Moore. (Another drummer, Roberto “Robo” Valverde, was initially announced as being part of the group’s 2013 incarnation.) Almost simultaneously, another band of Black Flag alumni — known simply as Flag — are going to be touring too: singer Keith Morris, guitarist Steven Egerton, bassist Chuck Dukowski and drummer Bill Stevenson. And they’re far from the only former members of the band out there: Almost since they started, Black Flag was at the center of a cluster of bands that constantly traded members with each other.

The first Black Flag lineup that made a record (1978’s Nervous Breakdown EP) was Ginn (the only person who’s been in every version of the group), Morris, Dukowski and drummer Brian Migdol. Here’s Morris and Ginn’s 51-second classic “Wasted” from that record.

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