Watch Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown's Haunting "Last One Leaving" Video

You know that feeling you get when you're in an old house and the ghost of your ex-girlfriend is haunting you? In Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown's new video for "Last One Leaving," Bryant explores that notion in a highly stylized, vintage way. "The girl I used to love is trying to mess me up, but I don't wanna leave because I'm still in love with her," Bryant tells Hive about the video's concept. "Maybe she wants me dead so I can be with her? Maybe she wants me to move on, so she's trying to scare me away? Maybe she just doesn't like me anymore and wants me to fall down a flight of stairs? It's all up for interpretation. Either way, I'm losing my mind and it's all her fault." Like letting go of former lovers, haunting someone can be a bit complicated.

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown's new album, Wild Child, is out now