Sazon Booya Bring 'Mayhem & Moombah' In Mini-Documentary

Sazon Booya are one of moombahton’s marquee acts, but still see a tremendous space for growth. “I still feel there is so much more ground to cover with what we’re doing, “says DJ Sav in their mini-documentary Mayhem & Moombah, which recently premiered on MTV News.“We’ve yet to hit our Zenith.” Their accessible combination of old-school Spanish samples, progressive house production patterns and branding sensibilities suggest the duo are perfectly placed to lead moombahton’s crossover into pop culture. “Moombahton is the embodiment of all dance music from every culture,” Mr. Vega says. “It’s the only genre you can get away with using trance sounds, dubstep sounds, a cumbia rhythm from here and maybe the dembow from reggae. Take all of these elements and put them into one, and it’s moombahton.” If they get only a handful of fans as excited about  Sazon Booya in 2013 as their hype-man Mystereo, they will be in good shape.