Weird Vibes Ep. #14: The Year Seapunk Broke

Weird Vibes Ep. #14: The Year Seapunk Broke

Computers, Dolphins, Rihanna and Music: What do these seemingly unrelated things have in common? For the first time in history, we present “The Year Seapunk Broke,” a special exclusive investigative report that explores the early days of Seapunk, the colorful controversial movement, and looks at where the ship is headed. Join local Emmy-award winning news reporter Alex Mitchell as he dives deep into this explosive sunsation.

Weird Vibes asks the hard-hitting questions that no media outlet will dare to touch -- Is Seapunk dead? Was it ever real? Do the Seapunkers pose a menace to society? Did Azealia Banks steal it? Is Grimes one of them? Who are the all-time greatest Seapunk musicians? What role will the movement play in the future of our country? Host Alex Mitchell sets the record straight, as he sits down with some of these Seapunkers and Seapunk historians including Ultrademon, Lil Internet, Pictureplane, Pete Anamanaguchi, Aaron Top8, Melissa, and more. We even venture out to burgeoning Brooklyn to see how the Seapunkers party at night.

Music videos in this episode include Anamanaguchi “MEOW,” Boody & Le1F “Soda,” Mac Demarco “Ode to Viceroy,” The Babies “Baby,” and Shugo Tokumaru “Katachi.” Thank you to Kevin Heckart for sharing his wonderful art in this episode.

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