Listen to Five Excellent Bad Religion Covers

Photo: Bad Religion Facebook

The paternal figures of polysyllabic punk, Bad Religion, put out their 16th studio album, True North, this week. Its 16 tracks, which in true hyper-speed Bad Religion fashion total about 36 minutes, are among the SoCal band’s catchiest, which is no small feat considering the band has been writing infectiously hummable songs since 1979, influencing countless bands, from NOFX to the Offspring. In that time, though, a few non-punk groups felt Bad Religion’s impact and recorded covers of the punks’ songs. We’ve gathered together a few below that strayed a bit from true north but still share in Bad Religion’s endlessly ebullient exuberance.

1. Biohazard, “We’re Only Gonna Die”

When Biohazard burst of the NYHC underground with their breakthrough 1992 album, Urban Discipline, critics and fans lauded them for their smart fusion of rap and mosh-worthy hardcore. The album’s penultimate track, however, showed a different side of the band: a hyper-speed, and ultra-melodic, rendition of “We’re Only Gonna Die,” the first song on Bad Religion’s 1982 debut, How Could Hell Be Any Worse? The amazing fact is that even though Biohazard seem to be playing at twice the speed as the original, at 2:20, they’ve somehow added eight seconds to the original’s runtime.

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