Watch Emancipator's Dreamy New "Minor Cause" Video

In Emancipator's new video for "Minor Cause," we find the Portland, Ore.-based electronic musician in two different states: napping and wandering. But whether or not the two states of mind are intertwined is for you to decide. "From the beginning, I intended for the journey that Emancipator embarks upon to be open to interpretation to the viewer," director Ben Moon tells Hive. "Is he dreaming? Are we in his head?" If you don't get sucked into the abstract story line, we're certain that the lush Oregon scenery will do the trick, as Wolf made use of a remote-controlled octocopter and other "cutting edge" cameras that made it so the final version avoided any CGI treatments. In other words, it's old-school eye-candy.

Emancipator's new album, Dusk to Dawn, is out January 29 on Loci Records.