Deltron 3030 Are Back With "Pay the Price"

The long awaited return of Deltron 3030 is finally here. This morning, the duo of Dan the Automator and Del the Funky Homosapien released “Pay the Price,” a song sufficiently steeped in futurism and socio-political themes. Over Dan’s uptempo drum loops and keen bass lines, Del raps dexterously about a polluted alien planet, drawing not-so subtle parallels with Earth's modern-day struggle with global warming issues. “Politically speaking, there’s certain parallels between what goes on in today’s society and what goes on there – it’s a little bit of a mirror,” Dan the Automator told Hive last March. “The world is a little different there but it’s going through a similar time with similar issues.” As long as Deltron-themed beer exists, there's still hope.