Jenn Grant Becomes One With Nature in "I've Got Your Fire" Video

In Canadian singer-songwriter Jenn Grant's new video for "I've Got Your Fire," we're taken on a nature walk of sorts through the Australian back-country, a sojourn that reflects the song's themes. "In my mind, [the song] is about a beautiful woman who is struggling, looking for refuge from an angel," Grant tells Hive. "The video [conveys] the relationship between the spirit of music and the wilderness and beauty of the wild." Such revelations make sense for Grant, who identifies as "outdoorsy," now that she's relocated to the sticks. "I moved to the country in the summer so I could be close to the woods and water whenever I am home," she says. "But I like to have someone with me when I go for hikes because I'm afraid of coyotes now."

Jenn Grant's new album, The Beautiful Wild, is out January 22 on Ba Da Bing Records.