IAmSu!'s Guide to the Best Bay Area Underground Hip-Hop Artists Right Now

[caption id="attachment_63385" align="alignnone" width="640"] Sage the Gemini, who IAmSu! says is one of the Bay Area's best hip-hop artists right now. Photo courtesy of Sage the Gemini/Facebook[/caption]

The Bay Area has a fine reputation for breeding fresh independent rap talent. The latest to sprout from out of the Bay is IAmSu!, who built on the hype from his song-stealing turn on E-40's "Function" to launch last year's excellent Kilt and $uzy 6 $peed mixtapes. But who's gonna follow in his footsteps? Hive asked the HBK Gang leader to pick five more upcoming Bay Area hip-hop artists to get hip to right now. Dig in:

1. Sage the Gemini

Sage The Gemini has the hottest song out now in the Bay Area, "Gas Pedal." It has like four million YouTube views. He has his own dance for it and everything.

2. Kool John

He's my brother, he's mad talented and really creative and he has his own unique sound. He's gonna do things this year.

3. Jay Ant

He's talented but he's also on a different vibe to most of the Bay Area when he makes beats. His production is dark and moody. It gives his music a different style and it's different to rap over.

4. 1-O.A.K.

He's an R&B singer and he's actually the person that taught me how to make beats and produce. He's really underrated with his production. It's really soulful. He's down with the Honor Roll Crew.

5. P-Lo

Another one from the HBK gang. He's progressive and talented. People are going to hear a lot from him this year and he has that style that's real easy to warm to.