Jens Lekman Repays Fans With a Very Sweet Song About Said Fans

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When Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast last year, Swedish singer-songwriter Jens Lekman's pianist, Jonas, got stuck in New York City. "Even the Chinatown buses stood still," recalled Lekman in a New Year's Eve blog post, which we're now just catching wind of thanks to his label, Secretly Canadian. Needing to depart for a West Coast tour two days later, Lekman asked his fans if anyone could drive Jonas to Boston to catch a westbound flight. In return, he offered "a little money and a song." Two women, Olivia and Maddy, took him up on the offer and today he's made good on at least part of his promise. (We can't fact-check their bank accounts.)

The song itself is a typically earnest Lekman ballad, affected in his Magnetic Fields-via-Morrissey baritone. Upon first listen, we're thinking it's one of Lekman's most feel-good songs ever.

"It's of course a song for all of you who offered to help," he said in the blog, which claims his email account was packed with offers. "And as I sing in the song, I didn't know I had such an army to mobilize. I wonder what else we can do? To start with, maybe I could get you to donate a few bucks to those directly affected by the hurricane itself." Good idea, Jens.

Stream "Olivia & Maddy" below: 

Jens Lekman - Olivia and Maddy