Drop the Lime Highlights the Zombie Cheerleader Experience in "No Sleep for the Wicked" Video

The darkly descending synths and foreboding vocals of "No Sleep for the Wicked," a track off Drop the Lime's latest album, Enter the Night, came to producer Luca Venezia from an unlikely source: true passion. "I fell head over heels for a gal at the Night People party on the rooftop of New York's Standard Hotel one night," Venezia says. "This is that romance."

The video, though, has nothing to do with love. The setting devised by director Brewer, whose credits include videos for Alt-J and Steve Aoki, as well as Purity Ring's "Belispeak" clip, is that of a school football game, replete with (literally) demonic cheerleaders. As it unfolds, what looks like a scene of Midwestern pride turns into a horror show. This sort of duality is exactly what Venezia was looking for in the video. "I saw Brewer's video for Purity Ring and absolutely loved it," he says. "I told them to make a video about a girl being chased in the woods who is a heroine, not a victim, and to tap into a dark Lynch-esque Twin Peaks Americana vibe. The outcome was beyond what I expected. It's unbelievable."

But that isn't to say that the man who goes by Drop the Lime can particularly relate to the video's horror: "I grew up in Manhattan, and went to an arts school, so we didn't have any teams or cheerleaders," he says. "Because that part of high school is so foreign to me, I'm always intrigued by it."

Enter the Night is out now via Ultra