Stream Skrillex's New EP 'Leaving'

[caption id="attachment_62770" align="alignnone" width="640"] Skrillex performs in Austin, Texas, March 2012. Photo: Andy Sheppard/Getty Images[/caption]

If Skrillex wasn't ubiquitous enough last year with his bangarangs and Damian Marley collabs, he's wasting no time in 2013 to ensure no one forgets his name. Yesterday, he released a reality-TV-esque video for the chirpy, wubbly song "Summit", which features Ellie Goulding, and now he's just put out a three-song EP, Leaving, consisting of songs he constructed in hotel rooms. The EP ranges from noisy to loungy, on three songs that you can listen to on Skrillex's YouTube page or purchase via his OWSLA label's subscription service The Nest. Lead track "The Reason" sublimely unfolds chimes, spiky synths and a helium-pitched voice singing the two-word title. While "Scary Bolly Dub" sounds like one building crescendo of gasping, stuttering beats and wooshing drones, mixed in with his signature drops and dialog samples. And the title track, which closes the EP, chills things out with subtle R&B pianos, smurfy voices and a jazzy drum track.

"Here are some songs that I put together for an EP that came together last minute," he explained on the Nest's page. "'Scary Bolly Dub' is a song I've been playing in my sets for a while. I use it more as a DJ tool, but I wanted you guys to have it. 'The Reason' and 'Leaving' came together last-minute. I made 'Leaving' in my hotel room in Mexico and just finished 'The Reason' an hour ago in my hotel room in Miami. I guess it's just kind of a reflection of how I'm feeling right now."

If this is what he has had in store for the first three days of 2013, he will be very tired by summer.

Skrillex's Leaving EP is out now via the Nest. Stream the tracks below: