Watch Toro Y Moi Dance Alone in the Woods in "Say That" Video

Toro Y Moi is gearing up for a busy 2013, with a new album Anything in Return due later this month. To kick the year off, he's released a new video for the album's second single, "Say That." Last fall, he told Interview he was "trying to make sincere pop music that's not all processed and bubblegum." After watching this, we're convinced he's making good on that promise: there's an aesthetic that feels very new and old at the same time. It looks warm, as if it were shot on Kodachrome film, and Toro main man Chaz Bundwick's fiery orange sweater only plays up the '70s vibe. But the video is really more a series of images than it is a fully formed concept, and the viewer has to tag along for what feels like a day-long field trip. It's hard not to think, "Here's Chaz dangling from a tree," or "Here's Chaz singing offscreen in a parking lot," as we encounter one scene after another of the singer getting his groove on in the woods. Still, it's a striking set of visuals to behold and no one can pull it off better than this guy. Lush greenery, Lennon glasses, awkward dancing -- Chaz owns it and flaunts it in style.

Anything in Return is out January 22 on Carpark.