Watch Laura Jane Grace on MTV's 'House of Style'

While we know that Against Me! are in the middle of recording their next album Dysphoria Blues, lead singer Laura Jane Grace (who made headlines this year when she came out as transgender) invited MTV's House of Style to her home in St. Augustine, Fla. for an exclusive look into her style. "Every transgender girl has a unique story," she says. "One of my memories of associating with a female is seeing Madonna, and being like, 'that's me.'"

As one would expect from a punk rocker, there's a lot of black in her closets -- but she admits that since she's come out and started the transition process, her wardrobe has doubled -- mainly because she swipes her wife Heather's clothes. "I'm probably one of the luckiest transsexuals in the world," she says. "I have the same size shoe as my wife, so I can steal any of her shoes."