The Five Best Mixes of 2012

2012’s love affair with all things dance brought the art of the mix front and center this year, as we highlighted in our weekly “Mix of the Week” column. These improvisational remixes, seamless blends and ace song selections often cross genre boundaries effortlessly, making for some entertaining and enlightening sets from today’s best musicians, producers and DJs. Here are Hive’s favorite mixes of 2012 that we urge you to add to your hard drive immediately.

1. The LOL Boys’ Fader Mix

On this classic mix for The Fader, the now-defunct electronic production duo LOL Boys mix a series of pop-friendly edits into a mid-tempo house masterpiece. Appreciating the pitched out vocals and auxiliary percussion entirely is impossible the first time around, making this set something you can replay over, and over, and over again.

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