The Five Best Quotes of 2012

Not only has the year in music featured high quality meme moments, artist's own mouths have provided a host of amazing material to chew on. Here's our five favorite WTF moments from the last 12 months that happened when talking to the people who's job it is to talk to us about their music.

1. Marilyn Manson's Naked Pillow Fights

I’ve had moments where I’ve told girls that if they fought my girlfriend in a nude pillow fight and won that I would have sex with them, and then my girlfriend proceeded to pull out a pencil—and this comes back to my pencil metaphor—and started stabbing a pillow and there were feathers everywhere, and the girls just sat there and didn’t do anything. - As told to Eric Spitznagel

2. Andrew WK is Pinkie Pie in Human Form

I almost feel like, rather than Pinkie Pie being me in pony form, I’m Pinkie Pie in human form. With respect to the legacy and the entire phenomenon, and to other fans of My Little Pony, and the Bronies out there — I would never be so bold to say that I was in front of Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie is in front of me. I was born, technically speaking, before Pinkie Pie was born, but I still feel like she has been the originator of this party spirit, and I am just a humble follower. -- As told to Dan Solomon

3. Joey Bada$$ Just Wants to Lick Rita Ora's Face

Hell yeah, I’m gonna, like, lick her face off when I see her! If A$AP Rocky touches her, it’s war, ’cause he’s been getting all the industry chicks that I’ve been crushing on and shit, so it’s war if he goes after her. -- As told to Phillip Mlynar

4. Angel Haze Doesn't Like Sandwiches; Loves Chipotle

I don’t even like sandwiches. I can tell you the Chipotle order of a young rap brat. You have to have extra rice. They get so mad at me. After we’re done I’m going to go next door to Chipotle and ask for extra rice until I’m satisfied with it and extra cheese and extra mild sauce ’cause I don’t really like meat. -- As told to Phillip Mlynar

5. Amanda Palmer Wears Her Own Blood

It was sort of nice to feel, you know, “Well hey, I guess the back of my dress is covered in blood. What do you know about that? I don’t think anyone here fucking cares, so whatever.” That’s actually a really beautiful moment when you realize, all of that was in your head to begin with. -- As told to Eric Spitznagel