Hive's Best Music Related SEO Terms of 2012

No three words make a digital editorial team shudder quite like “search engine optimization.” The content farming mentality has been addressed by everyone from Hipster Runoff to NPR, the main sticking points being that it homogenizes content across websites, encourages keyword-heavy copy, and places a premium on quickness over quality. Unfortunately, the never-ending game for Google referrals is a reality all publishers have to deal with. For all the copy-editing and internal linking we try to get done at Hive, sometimes these quasi-magical search algorithms end up favoring some unexpected gems. Today, we look back at 2012's highest-yielding SEO terms with an eye for the absurd and unexpected.

1. "ya bish"

Is ya bish the new YOLO? That's the question users on this absurdly unproductive forum thread were trying to answer. Feeling there was room for more useful editorial insight, we tapped Phillip Mlynar to put together a guide to this year's hottest new slang. Now, Hive is sitting pretty at the number one spot when searching this catchy phrase.

2. "bradley soileau"

Bradley Soil-who? Yea, that's what we thought. When this forehead-tatted model made his debut in Lana Del Rey's "Born To Die" video, our Associate Editor Mike Ayers rang him up to extract whatever juicy details about the video shoot he could. The result? A lengthy conversation about LDR's lips, and one of our most unexpectedly Google-friendly posts ever.

3. "two chains"

When 2 Chainz released Based On A T.R.U. Story, we felt the skimpy gold chains on the cover were a disservice hip-hop's reputation for boss jewelry. So, we tapped the world's leading purveyor of rapper chains Phillip Mlynar, yet again, to put together a quick list of the heaviest rap pieces around.

4. "rick ross beard"

Hive contributor Shea Serrano first flossed his illustration skills for us with this very scientific psychological analysis of Ricky Rozay's facial hair. Since then, we've had him working on everything from rapper-pumpkin stencils to holiday postcards, although the Rick Ross post still seems to be Google's favorite.

5. "nastyvideo"

We're not really sure what people are looking for when searching "nastyvideo," but a ton of them are ending up on Hive. These Googlers end up looking at a piece where we sent Hive contributor Christina Lee behind the scenes for Gucci Mane and V-Nasty's video shoot for "Let's Get Faded." We're still sorry about that, Christina.