Black Dice Pair Well With Kombucha at Brooklyn Night Bazaar -- Photos

[caption id="attachment_61432" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Black Dice Black Dice at Brooklyn Night Bazaar, December 2012. Photo: Rebecca Smeyne for MTV Hive[/caption]

Usually when a free show attracts an around-the-block line, it's because of who's playing. This was not the case Friday night at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, a thriving, multi-headed beast that's part craft market, part creative cuisine and part entertainment venue. Inspired by the night markets of Asia, the market is open only on Friday and Saturday nights between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hive was there to worship at the thrones of noise-scene elders Black Dice, still influential and inducing spastic awkward dance floors after 16 years. Bleeding Rainbow and Eternal Summers opened, the latter luring over tired shoppers with their moody guitarscapes. Black Dice definitely brought out their loyal fan base, but not everyone was into it -- we overheard neighboring booth-owners grumbling about the racket.

The performance area represented only a tiny fraction of the floorspace in the vast warehouse, and the main attraction for most in attendance was, judging from the throngs, everything else. The picnic tables were packed with patrons enjoying vegan Ethiopian food, kombucha, kale salads, panko-fried avocado dogs, South African street food, cocktail-inspired cupcakes, Nutella-filled rice balls, and chai marshmellow S'mores. Someone pushed around a holiday-trimmed shopping cart selling cans of beer. In an adjoining warehouse, there were 20 ping-pong tables, even more gift vendors, and more beer. The shopping selection was heavy on jewelry, soap, and silkscreened t-shirts, not atypically of holiday markets -- the Grilled Cheezus machine vendor, however, was less expected.