The Five Best Music Memes of 2012

As we continue to look back on all the great music that came out of 2012, we certainly want to pay tribute to the work of tireless music fans who have made some of this year's more memorable moments via the medium of memes. Here's our pick for the five best.

1. Spinning Lana Del Rey

It's sultry and hypnotic, just like her SNL performance wasn't. Click here for Tumblr's neverending supply.

2. Cooking With Skrillex Tumblr

The Cooking With Skrillex Tumblr had made us aware that Food Network + dubstep needs to happen.

3. Emcee Aziz Ansari

The Parks and Recreation star is an avid hip-hop fan and we're an avid fan of imagining him as a legendary rapper or R&B crooner.

4. Autotune Sweet Brown

Last April, Sweet Brown was interviewed in Oklahoma City after a fire broke out in her apartment building and the YouTube faithful adored everything about her. The remixes quickly followed, as you can hear below, "Autotune Sweet Brown: No Time for Bronchitis."

5. Snoopdiagrams

Do you want to learn about the world? Of course you do, you're on the Internet. But what if someone told you that you could learn about the world through a Snoop Dogg-ian lens? The founders of I Love Charts have done such a thing and it is pure awesome.