Big Boi Opens Up About 'Vicious Lies' on 'The Hivecast'

Few rappers have grown into their role as elder statesmen of hip-hop as gracefully as Big Boi, but he's done so with a willingness to push his own envelope. His latest solo album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, finds the erstwhile Outkast partner experimenting with what the mainstream of southern rap can contain and it's something he talks about at length on the latest episode of The Hivecast With Matt Pinfield, as well as how his younger collaborators also bring some of the same sensibilities that Big Boi infused his music with from the beginning.

“I'm really a funk artist," he says. "I listen to everything coming up, from Bob Marley to Kate Bush to N.W.A. to Neil Young, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Eurythmics, David Bowie, Sting,” he says. “I can use any aspect of any genre of music to get my point across. That's an advantage I seem to have over an artist that's pigeonholed into just doing one thing. To me, that'd make it stagnant. It wouldn't be as fun.” Fun is very much the operative word when it comes to Big Boi’s music and Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. Check out the Hivecast to learn how much fun it is. [Download & subscribe to the Hivecast via iTunes and purchase Vicious Lies here.]

The Hivecast With Matt Pinfield: Big Boi