The Bouncespot Brings Christmas Cheer to New Orleans Dance

Put Christmas music and New Orleans bounce in a blender, booty-shake it up, and what do you get? This week's best exercise in cognitive dissonance, and an incredibly entertaining 18-minute dance mix for this weekend's round of holiday parties. Presented by the Bouncespot, this mix crosses the heartwarming lyricism of classic Christmas tunes with the twerk-friendly percussion and vocal punctuations of New Orleans' hottest dance export. "Merry Christmas girl, you a gift/ The only thing I got on my list, where's Santa Claus?" rap the Block Burnaz on "Under the Mistletoe." Two bounce versions of "This Christmas" follow, and Big Freedia's guttural "Jingle, jingle, jingle, jingle..." chant is a definite highlight. In this case, the sum is outrageously better than each of its parts.