Riff Raff Suggests Listening to 'Hologram Panda' With "Ass Cheeks in Hand"

Did you wake up today with the urge for a little Riff Raff in your life? Go ahead and scratch that urge: rapper/Weird Vibes VMA host has just dropped Hologram Panda, his promised mixtape that was largely produced by Dame Grease. And it was apparently recorded in one day. "We ate Greek food and hummus with Mickey's 40 ounces and we relaxed; and in seven hours we made a hit album on a rainy day; then I met Downtown Julie Brown on the patio and it was a successful day," Riff Raff told Hive. The rapper added that he recommends listening to it "... with ass cheeks in your hands, candy bars nearby -- maybe Kit Kat bars -- and a cream soda and your choice or rice or strawberry polar bear express kush" while you sit on someone else's leather couch wearing minimal clothing.

Watch "Peppermint Tint," the first video from Hologram Panda:

In further breaking Riff Raff news, he also told Hive that he successfully sold his legendary Hollywood condo (complete with rare artifact furnishings) and is now looking to further his real estate game after his Diplo-produced Mad Decent album drops. Speaking of which, he signed off by telling us, "If you are gonna twist my Versace arm then fine, the name of the album is Riff Raff The Neon Icon." No word on the release date for that, but we're assuming shopping for real estate is keeping him busy while he puts the finishing touches on it. [Download Hologram Panda via Datpiff.]