Icona Pop Perform "Top Rated" and "I Love It" for 'In My Room'

With their blend of catchy pop vocals, electro-house riffs and audacious attitude, Swedish duo Icona Pop have become one of 2012's most infatuating acts. “We believe in love at first sight,” Caroline Hjelt says describing how she first met her musical counterpart Aino Jawo. “I was trying music and it didn’t go very well … so I tried to fill that empty space with a lot of dancing at my place,” she continues. Luckily for everybody, Aino was “forced” to attend one of these house parties by a friend, and when she met Hjelt, Icona Pop was born. Here, they perform “Top Rated” and “I Love It” as part of Hive and Yours Truly's intimate concert series In My Room, shot this past October on a docked boat in Hoboken, N.J.