Watch Sky Ferreira's Beautiful Performance of "Sad Dream" for 'In My Room'

Earlier this week, Hive and Yours Truly unleashed this gem of a performance from Sky Ferreira playing her lastest single "Ghost" for In My Room. But she didn't stop there. Watch above as the L.A. musician performs the somber tune "Sad Dream," the lead track from her recently released Ghost EP. Note that before the performance gets underway, she addresses the hardships of being a much-hyped musician. "I get a lot more offended than I used to when people don't like it," she says. "When [people] try to break it down, or me down or [wonder] is this some kind of scam ... all I wanted to do is release stuff." In other words, check the hate at the door. We believe it won't be too difficult.

Sky Ferreira's debut album, I'm Not Alright, is due out in 2013.


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