Jean Grae Launches Company, Preps New Releases and Web Sitcom

[caption id="attachment_60739" align="alignnone" width="640"] Photo courtesy of Jean Grae/Facebook[/caption]

New York hip hop artist Jean Grae is set to build on the success of this year's "Kill Screen" phenomenon by launching her own company to handle her future creative endeavors. Charmingly named Kids Are Gonna Die (KAGD), the company is a partnership with W.A.R. Media and will kick off its release schedule on December 25th with Ho X 3, a free downloadable EP hooked around Greasy's "comedic take on Christmas tunes."

"Ho X 3 will be the greatest Christmas EP ever done by a single human in the year 2012 who has the stage name Jean Grae," Grae tells Hive. "Don't play it for your children, unless your children are cool and like swear words and you want other kids' parents to hate them. It will have holiday cheer all over it, in the reformation of holiday songs into better fucking songs. It's not a rap album. Fuck that."

That will be followed in January by her long-awaited full length Gotham Down and a video for the "U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow" single.

Grae's also extending her reach into other outlets, too. Keeping with the comedy kicks, she'll write, star and direct her own bi-weekly, 30-minute web series called Life With Jeannie. "I really wanted to do something from a perspective that hasn't been seen, that I think is missing, and basically because my life is insane: Career wise, relationship wise, Wise Chips wise ... it's real, but it's not a reality show."

"This is my new baby," she adds of Jeannie. "I don't hate my rap baby, I just have a bunch of new babies."

Watch the video for "Kill Screen" below: