Alex Clare Got Two Happy Marriages Out of ‘Lateness of the Hour’

Alex Clare photo courtesy of Island Records.

It’s too bad that the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the soulful croon behind the dubstep-rubbed chorus of Alex Clare’s “Too Close” is a TV commercial. Microsoft picked up on the London-based singer’s single almost a year after it came out (and months after Island Records dropped Clare from their roster), right when it seemed that he might give up on this whole music thing for a while. Produced by Major Lazer, the single immediately relaunched as a stateside hit, charting in the Billboard Top 10, and pushing Clare’s album The Lateness of the Hour into the growing indie-meets-EDM limelight. And while he may embrace his musical melting pot, Clare is quick to remind that, beneath all that bass, he’s still just a sentimental singer-songwriter with a guitar and a notepad.

We talked to Clare about finding fame, working with Major Lazer, and the darker side of his music. He tours behind the U.S. release of Lateness of the Hour through the end of the month.

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