ShowYouSuck Is Dark and Edgy on 'One Man Pizza Party III: Rest in Pizza' Mixtape

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Who doesn't like pizza? It's a rhetorical, yet important question that Chicago MC ShowYouSuck poses to us while talking about his latest mixtape, One Man Pizza Party III: Rest In Pizza. The project builds on the success of ShowYouSuck's "Rest In Pizza" song from earlier in the year and kickstarts what we'd like to think of as a pizza-based micro-movement in rap. Over its 26 tracks ShowYouSuck showcases his witty and entertaining raps, with helping hands from Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, Auggie the 9th and Hollywood Holt. Naturally, song-titles skew towards the foodie side of things, including "25 Slices," "Mild Sauce," and "Pop Yo Pizza." (We're hoping the last one's metaphorical.)

One Man Pizza Party III: Rest in Pizza is available to stream and download exclusively below. While you're doing that -- which you most certainly should --  read up on the origins of this new mixtape, his views on the deep-dish versus thin crust conundrum and a hypothetical rundown of Chicago hip-hop hall-of-famers' pie preferences.

Stream One Man Pizza Party III: Rest in Pizza below and download it here

What's the idea behind the pizza theme of the project?

Pretty much it comes from me wanting to make music that a lot of people can relate to and I want them to associate me with everyday things. If you think of a rapper like Rick Ross you associate him with a high-end champagne like rosé, which a lot of people can't get. My thought process is I want people to hear me and associate with me, so who doesn't like pizza? It's an everyday thing. That carries through to the kinda subject matter you hear me rap about. People can always eat pizza whether they're in a celebratory mood or a good mood or a bad mood.

How does Pizza Party III differ from the other installments in the series?

It's an expansion on parts one and two, so it's a lot of the same topics and same themes but it sounds a lot bigger. This time we put a lot more attention into the mixing and more detail in the subjects. It's a lot darker, edgier and louder. Mike Jaxx is my main producer and we're using a lot of sounds that he hasn't used before. With song structure we also did things a little different this time.

What about featured guests?

I've got Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, I've got Auggie The 9th, Hollywood Holt and Grade A Plus.

How did the collaboration with eXquire come about?

It happened from Mike Jaxx doing a record for him earlier this year and we built up a relationship off the back of that. Then he was in Chicago for a festival, then he was in town a few months ago for a show and we ended up in the studio. We recorded the song, "Carne Asada," and shot the video there and then.

How would you describe "Carne Asada"?

It's one of those records that grinds back and forth. I call them sparring records where you go back and forth between rappers and verses. The way we did it was we both heard the beat and wrote there and then so the verses go together. We listened to what each other made and then added the changes on the fly. I want people to feel that moment when they hear it.

You recently toured with Yelawolf. How did that come about? 

Yeah. What happened was, I opened for Yelawolf when he was playing at the House of Blues here in Chicago. He watched my set, came back-stage and pretty much offered me a spot on the tour there and then. Three or four days later I went out and joined up.

Do you have any horror stories as the opening act?

Honestly, and I don't mean to sound arrogant when I say this, but every single spot was great, from the jump. I felt like they were my shows, honestly.

As someone who's from Chicago, where do you stand on the deep-dish versus thin crust debate?

I'm not too crazy about deep-dish. I'm more of a thin crust guy, 'cause when you start to eat deep-dish you have to use a fork and a knife and once you go there and bring a fork into it, it's not pizza anymore. I like that pizza's so easy; it's like a pick-up and go kinda thing. Once you get into the realm of deep-dish then it's really sit down restaurant-type food.

What toppings would be on a ShowYouSuck pizza?

I'm a simple dude. I just go with pepperoni and I'm straight. I also like spinach and sausage a lot.

What about some other Chicago rappers, say, Kanye West?

It would be the most hard to find cheese in the world, the most exotic cheese ever created. Also, parts of meat from an animal that is highly extinct. And probably gold leaves from the highest mountain on the Earth.


[Pauses to think] Probably fine herbs, mushrooms from Lithuania and sun-dried tomatoes.

And on Chief Keef's pizza?

He would definitely have Flamin' Hot Cheetos. That's probably it. I'd like to think Chief Keef would only want Flamin' Hot Cheetos on his pizza.


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