ShowYouSuck Is Dark and Edgy on ‘One Man Pizza Party III: Rest in Pizza’ Mixtape

Photo: Dakota Blue Harper

Who doesn’t like pizza? It’s a rhetorical, yet important question that Chicago MC ShowYouSuck poses to us while talking about his latest mixtape, One Man Pizza Party III: Rest In Pizza. The project builds on the success of ShowYouSuck’s “Rest In Pizza” song from earlier in the year and kickstarts what we’d like to think of as a pizza-based micro-movement in rap. Over its 26 tracks ShowYouSuck showcases his witty and entertaining raps, with helping hands from Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, Auggie the 9th and Hollywood Holt. Naturally, song-titles skew towards the foodie side of things, including “25 Slices,” “Mild Sauce,” and “Pop Yo Pizza.” (We’re hoping the last one’s metaphorical.)

One Man Pizza Party III: Rest in Pizza is available to stream and download exclusively below. While you’re doing that — which you most certainly should —  read up on the origins of this new mixtape, his views on the deep-dish versus thin crust conundrum and a hypothetical rundown of Chicago hip-hop hall-of-famers’ pie preferences.

Stream One Man Pizza Party III: Rest in Pizza below and download it here

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