Stream Five of the Best "N***as in Paris" Remixes

[caption id="attachment_60152" align="alignnone" width="640"] Jay Z and Kanye West perform together, March 2011. Photo: Getty Images[/caption]

Remember "N***as in Paris"? You know, the Kanye West and Jay-Z song that became a phenomenon last year when the duo performed it a billion times in a row on the Watch the Throne Tour (and along the way inspired a certain character on the New York Subway to run through his own super-amplified rendition of the track)? Well, it's back, having been nominated for two Grammys for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance. So to either prove the grand reach of the track or to offer salvation for those who are a little sick of it, here's the five best remixes of "Niggas In Paris" Soundcloud has to offer.

1. Konec Bootleg Remix

How to successfully dubstep-up "Niggas In Paris": Recreate the synth line, add a blitkreig of snares, and underscore with a devilishly sinister bassline.

2. MiMOSA Remix

Stripping away all but a few essential raps, the MiMOSA flip reinvents the song as a bounce-meets-rave soiree.

3. Religion Remix

Handbags to the floor! The Religion Remix of "N***as In Paris" take the rap anthem straight onto the dancefloor.

4. Resso Remix

Upping the abrasive stakes, Resso layers in a bunch of effects that bring to mind an army of mutant lawnmowers and hand-saws on the rampage. Possibly in revenge for the car Jay and 'Ye trashed in the "Otis" video.

5. DZ Remix

More dubstep reinvention for the Watch the Throne duo, with the DZ Remix playing coy until it bursts into life after the introductory verse.