Viceroy Packs a Party in a Jar in "While We're in Love" Video -- Premiere

"Summertime, all the time." Viceroy's musical ethos is holding up well as we march into the the thick of winter, as seen in his latest video for "While We're in Love." The clip comes from Alexander Christenson and is a welcome antidote to any Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms you may be experiencing. We follow a group of trendy youngsters indulging in drugs, dancing and general debauchery in what some might call a normal weekend night in New York City. Interspersed are shots of a machine forming a honey-like by-product from a combination of Super Soakers, disco balls and pineapples. Word on when Viceroy's proprietary party gel is hitting stores is still unconfirmed.

Viceroy's While We're in Love EP is out now on iTunes.