Celebrating the Life of Das Racist: A GIF Memorial

New York City rap trio Das Racist have split up. Heems announced the news on stage at the weekend at what then became a solo show, while Kool A.D. tweeted that technically he'd disbanded a couple of months ago. As befits a group whose quick rise was facilitated after their 2009 song "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" went viral, Das Racist's dissolution has led us to think that nothing, NOTHING, is forever, even when it comes to meme-friendly hip-hop acts. But let's turn that frown into a smiley face emoticon by celebrating the life and life lessons we've learned from the group over the years ... in GIF form!

1. Embrace Hip-Hop's Fifth Element: Tea.

2.  Naked Sock Dancing

3. Party Like You Got a Flower Pot on Your Head

4. Make Sure Someone in Your Posse Has a Threatening Bic Lighter

5. When Entertaining the King of Pop, Wear Your Best Tank Top and Have Some Skull on Hand

6. Personal Hygiene is a Must

7. Don't Be Embarrassed to Wear Big Glasses

8. Sometimes It's Okay to Fall ... Down Drunk, On Stage